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The top three reasons of accounting and bookkeeping outsource are cost saving, replacement of local professionals with required talent and ability to leverage an established technological infrastructure. Market study indicates that an organization can save approx. 40% on operational costs by outsourcing. Organizations have the ability to adjust the level of support or services required, based on their financial resources. There are many services covered under this as follows:

Transactional Activity

Data entry of day routine activities


Recording of Invoices of customers and bills of vendors


Bank/ Credit Card/ Cash Transactions


Payroll Transactions


Other Journal Vouchers

Reconciliation Activity

Bank / Credit Cards Accounts


Customer Invoices and collections


Vendor Invoices and Payments


General cash collection and payments

Controlling Activity

Periodical closing entries


Financials review




Preparation of Financial Statement


Accounting of Accruals, prepaids etc.